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Chiropractor Mark Schmall D.C.

Chiropractor Davenport IA Mark SchmallDoctor Mark Schmall is a chiropractor at Spine, Sport and Injury Therapy Center in Davenport, IA, who looks for the underlying causes of disease, discomfort, and pain, as opposed to just treating the symptoms.  Dr. Schmall will attempt to determine the root cause of the pain and dysfunction and then create a personalized treatment plan to suit each patient's individual needs.

“Since starting chiropractic school over 30 years ago, what has changed the most about being a chiropractor are all the advanced therapy options we now have available to treat our patients.”

- Dr. Mark Schmall

Dr. Mark Schmall, a chiropractor in Davenport, Iowa, offers a variety of non-invasive, pain-relieving therapies at his Utica Ridge office. He approaches each patient’s needs individually, aiming to give them the best results with the least amount of treatment time and expense. When it comes to therapy options to treat his patients, Dr. Schmall states, “I am like a carpenter that has more than just a hammer. I have just about every tool on the bench.”

Chad Crotts, BS, CPT

Chiropractic Davenport IA ChadChad Crotts, B.S.  graduated from St. Ambrose University with a degree in Exercise Science in 2014. There he studied the fundamentals of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal physiology and learned how to apply them to strength and conditioning for athletes and laypeople alike.

Chad has been working as a trainer for the past four years with clients from different age groups and fitness levels. Chad is certified in Rocktape level one and Rockblades Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization tools. Chad assists in all therapies in the office and supervises the exercise protocols.

Lisa - Office Staff

Chiropractic Davenport IA LisaLisa helps with back office business duties such as marketing and Insurance. You might not see too much of her around our center, as we keep her “locked up” in the business office. On occasion we let her “out” and help Carol at the front desk.







Dee - Office Staff

Dee helps with “a little bit of everything” around our center. Her duties include, shock and laser therapies, front desk processing and making the smoothies in our Everything Healthy store.


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