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It is a shame that so many people in the Davenport suffer needlessly when they don't have to. When most people go to a doctor for back pain, neck pain and headaches, they usually get a quick exam along with a prescription for muscle relaxers and pain medications. This regimen is usually ineffective for any long-term relief. The next step is usually diagnostic tests, which can include x-rays and expensive MRI's.

From my experience, the diagnostic tests usually don't reveal any significant pathology except bulging discs and degenerative changes
(I see this on almost every report if you're older than 40). Many are then referred to a pain clinic for up to 3 cortisone injections, which can be painful and expensive.

These treatments might seem like they are helping at first but after awhile the pain never seems to totally go away. At some point during these medical evaluations and possibly failed treatments, many people look to chiropractors for a new and different approach for their pain and unwanted health issues.

Does this sound like your experience? You don’t have to continue to suffer! Contact us to learn more about our drug-free, non-surgical solutions for pain relief in Davenport which include joint manipulation, myofascial release, shockwave and laser therapy.

"I have personally researched the most innovative scar tissue, adhesion and trigger point "healing" modalities on the market today.

I have acquired these technologies that are now available in the United States and have brought them together under one roof.

I have developed proprietary treatment protocols and have treated thousands of patients over the past 25 years with the majority obtaining their goals of long lasting pain relief and improved function".

- Mark Schmall D.C.


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