Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have to brag about these guys for a minute. Dr. Schmall and Chad Crotts worked on my right leg (below the kneecap) during 6 visits. I had a pain there that was in unbearable when any pressure was put on it. I couldn’t lean on that knee and I had issues while doing squats.

Needless to say, as of this week my right knee pain is completely gone, and I am able to lean on it like I once couldn’t!

The pain was once so bad that I considered surgery but I knew that I should try here first. I’m glad I chose to come here to have the natural healing process take place on my knee.

You guys, thank you for everything!!!!"Kristopher Keuning

- Kristopher Keuning

"I've had right foot pain for 2 months that was just not getting any better. Dr. Schmall has been able to help me with various pains in the past, so I contacted him again. He has new technology called Radial Pulse Shockwave Therapy and Deep Tissue Laser Therapy. I had one treatment so far and 90% of the pain is gone. I am simply amazed at its effectiveness".

- Tim Sylvia, Former UFC Heavyweight Champion

"The Radial Pressure Wave Therapy has really been helping to decrease the pain in my left knee.
I am 89 years old and it helps me to walk and function without assistance".

- Audrey Timm (89 year old patient)

"I have been going to Dr Schmall for the last 2.5 months and would highly recommend them. I have low back pain and issues with tight muscles from sitting too long at a computer. I was introduced to their new technology called shock wave and a deep tissue ultra sound. They have both given me great relief. They have a very knowledgeable and friendly staff as well. I would consider them a one stop shop depending on what your needs are: Chiropractic care, massage, physical therapy and more!"

- Kay Townsend

"I heard of Dr. Schmall through a friend. In hearing that Dr. had other rehab type offerings like the laser and shock wave, as well as recommended exercises, I went ahead and made a commitment to be treated for several weeks. In 1 week, I noticed relief from the shock wave and laser. I began exercises, and even tried a smoothie from their smoothie bar over a lunch appointment. The instruction, and dedication to my pain relief is very welcomed at this point and my posture is adjusting as well (for the better.) I would recommend Dr. and his therapies, as well as Chad, who instructs the exercises and stretches and does a very thorough job as well."

- Cathie Rochau

"I was referred to Dr, Schmall over 15 years ago after I had not been getting results for chronic neck and back pain from any other chiropractors or physical therapy. I have been amazed at the results! Dr. Schmall is ahead of the game when it comes to new methods or technology, especially with his sound wave and laser treatment. He takes the time to learn more about your condition and tailors his treatment to best help you. No pressure to make 3 appointments per week or any of that. I have moved over 45 minutes away but still take no issue with the distance as I have found no other chiropractor that even comes close to getting me results. Highly recommend!!"

- Heidi Essen

"I have had treatment for lower back bulging disk. I have going Mark for over 20 years he has always provided great care for me. I would never go anywhere else. Thanks you for your caring and professional service.

- John Shafer

"Been out with a dislocation and small fracture in my left hand since my last UFC fight January 28th and thought my hand would never be back...been coming here for 2 weeks doing shockwave and laser treatments and have seen crazy changes in the pain and mobility in my hand. Feel like my hand will be 100% soon!!"

- Eric Shelton (UFC Fighter)

"I always have a great experience here. They take their time to make sure that all my issues are worked on before I leave. I have various issues that I have trouble with including a sore shoulder and calf muscles from playing volleyball. They have worked on me with laser treatments to break up scar tissue and other techniques to relax tense muscles. I always leave feeling like I had a complete workup."

- Candy Blankenship

"I am extremely satisfied with Schmall Chiropractic and Rehab. I am on the monthly plan with a personalized routine which includes multiple advanced technologies. My strength and mobility continue to grow. Dr. Schmall and staff are pleasant, professional and knowledgeable."

- Darlene Traynor

"I had plantar fasciitis for nearly two years and was referred to Dr. Schmall for treatment. The staff is very friendly and the office is state-of-the-art; in fact, it is an enjoyable atmosphere, but most importantly after suffering for nearly two years my PF is better! Dr. Schmall's level of treatment is comprehensive. I highly recommend him."

- Sarah Tillberg

"Dr Schmall is awesome! He is always on the cutting edge of technology. After a treatment I alays feel like I could conquer the world."

- Cindy Lenger

"Dr. Schmall has been my chiropractor for years and also treats most of my family. He is very knowledgeable and makes sure we get the best treatment for every issue. We wouldn’t go anywhere else! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for chiropractic, pain or physical therapy."

- Cindy Mendoza

"I have been going to Schmall Chiropractic and Physical Rehab for 6 months now and can honestly say that this is the best chiro and chiro staff that I have ever worked with. The entire staff is committed to your recovery and I am feeling like I am on the road to recovery and a healthy lifestyle for the first time EVER! They offer so many innovative services and develop an individualized treatment plan that is best fitted for you. Could not be happier! 110% recommend Schmall Chiropractic to anyone!"

- Amber Asplund

"Here at Spine, Sport and Injury Therapy Center we pride ourselves on finding the root of the problem not just the pop and crack. I myself have used the Shockwave and Laser therapies on some of my own injuries with great success. If you are athlete or avid workout I highly suggest trying these therapies to keep you in the game and performing to your maximum."

- Chad Crotts

"I have been a chiropractic patient since I was very young. Dr. Schmall's expertise is not only in chiropractic care but in nutrition and use of supplements for best overall health. He looks and listens to you as an individual and caters to your individual needs. He seeks out the latest in innovative care and some of his new offerings such as Shockwave/Laser Therapy has helped me greatly with my current ailments after an injury. His staff is personable, friendly and attentive. As with any relationship, the key is communication. I find it easy to do so with him and his staff and they always offer the best answer and base it with accompanying facts. I've seen that they collaborate, so the knowledge of the individuals needs is passed along efficiently to maintain consistency of care. I've had many chiropractors through my life, and I highly recommend Dr. Schmall and his staff for overall wellness care, and especially for those times when accidents occur."

- Roberta Mongeau

"Hands down the best chiro I have ever been to. I went to the same practice for 7 years and tried a few others also and was always unimpressed with the results. After one visit to Dr. Schmall I felt amazing. His many years of experience is obvious in medical skill. I would highly recommend him to anyone."

- M Denae Etter

"Great people great work. I’m a professional MMA fighter had 3 weeks till my fight with a lot of bumps bruises and some tears. They treated me great and got me back to running so I can perform. Thanks Doc"

- The Exception 1989

"Best chiro in the QC area!"

- Courtney Shelor

"They take care of you when you are hurt in any sport or back injuries."

- Ruben Gonzalez

"Individualized correction, specifically designed for each patient."

- JD Patterson

"Have been going to Dr Schmall for over 20 years and he has always been excellent at diagnosing the area that needs to be worked on and treating the problem area. His new shock wave and laser program have worked wonders on my broken ankle of 20 years ago, so I am no longer having cortisone shots."

- Karen Peters

"Thanks to my son Jay and his wife Dawn for recommending Dr. Schmall! The doctor and his staff are the best! I had bursitis on my hip and could hardly walk because of the pain. After a few treatments I'm feeling pain-free."

- Victoria Dumoulin

"Dr. Schmall has my family healthy we all go to him, one of the best here in the Quad Cities"

- Teresa Edwards


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